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Heritage development members assist with a wide variety of cultural, heritage, and tourism projects at their sites.  They strive to bring people into their communities through museum exhibits, events and outreach, and beautification projects.  These members may serve with heritage based organizations like the Beverly Heritage Center, Greenbrier Historical Society, and Arthurdale, or with cultural outreach projects such as Mountain Arts District. Service activities may include:

·         Encouraging tourist visitation by improving visitor experience and heritage events.

·         Developing interpretive exhibits, signs, and brochures about local and forest heritage.

·         Collecting and saving community stories and history through oral history or  archive and collections management.

·         Networking and promoting artisans, museums, historic sites and other cultural heritage assets.

AFHA AmeriCorps Heritage Development Members Describe Their Service:

AFHA AmeriCorps Heritage Development Member Lauren Souther's Story:

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