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AFHA AmeriCorps Program – CONSERVATION

Many of the members in the AFHA Assets program serve towards conservation initiatives.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Monongahela National Forest, Trout Unlimited, and The Nature Conservancy are examples of sites where members serve.  Service activities may include:

·         Improving public lands and stewardship through tree plantings, trail improvements and installation, and native species propagation.

·         Non-native invasive species removal and habitat restoration.

·         Raising conservation and stewardship awareness through interpretive signs, exhibits, brochures, and outreach programs.

·         Conducting science education programs in public schools.

·         Research and monitoring for wildlife, watershed, and ecosystem and wilderness management.


Some Conservation member stories in our past newsletters include:


AFHA AmeriCorps Conservation Member Emily Peters wrote this memoir :

(Click HERE for the full-size PDF)

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